Keith Urban New Music Video: Out The Cage

Keith Urban released an amazing new video for his “Out the Cage” song featuring 68-year-old guitarist and record producer Nile Rodgers and rising country trap star Breland. Both artists worked with him on the song and they also got to share screen time with him in the song’s new music video.

Keith Urban and his collaborators had to get creative in order to shoot their music video in compliance with COVID-19 laws in place.

Urban and Breland got to shoot their joint scenes in Sydney, Australia, and had to be quarantined for two weeks after they arrived before they could get to shoot the video.

Breland Talks Working with Keith Urban on the Track

“Out the Cage” is the product of a writing session between Keith Urban and Breland, and other writers like Sam Sumser and Sean Small. It was a delightful experience for the star to work with country legend Keith Urban. Breland said the collaboration actually started with a surprise call from Urban who suggested that they should write together sometimes and see how it goes.

Breland knows that opportunities like working with an iconic Grammy-award winning artist do not come by so often, quickly jumped at the offer, saying that he’s coming over to Keith’s place tomorrow so they can work on something together.

“So, I said, ‘I’ll be there tomorrow.’ I mean, working with Keith Urban? I was like, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity!” Breland recalls.

“It’s 9:30 the next morning, my phone rings and it’s Breland,” Keith adds. “He says, ‘Hey Keith, it’s Breland. I’m in your front yard.’”

Together they worked on the song that would speak of freedom for people who are feeling pressed down by their situation in life.

“I really wanted this to speak to liberation of all sorts, even if somebody in a dead-end job, somebody stuck in a relationship that’s going nowhere or someone who’s imprisoned in their own mind,” Keith says of the song.

As for working with Keith, Breland told Billboard: “He knows so much music and really pays attention to sounds and how they evolve, which is why us working together was also such a natural fit.”

Shooting the Video for “Out the Cage”

Keith Urban went above and beyond to make the music video for the 2020-single even crossing over to a new continent, in this case Australia, in order to shoot the video.

Urban and Breland shot the video in Sydney, Australia in a smoky room with flashing lights, with Urban shredding on both the guitar and the ganjo in the energetic video. Breland showed off his impressive dancing skills, and Nile Rodgers, who shot his scenes from Connecticut, played his guitar in a dark environment.

Nile Rodgers is a long-time friend of Urban and was happy to be featured on the track.  Speaking to Yahoo! Music, he defended Keith Urban’s choice of musical style in the single, “[Urban’s] fans may have some kind of problem at first. But my biggest records have always been like that. A lot of people, the only record they ever bought by David Bowie was [Bowie’s Rodgers-produced 1983 hit] “Let’s Dance.” I think a record like [“Out the Cage”] will speak to a broader audience, and the country people will come around.”

“Out the Cage” is a song featured on Keith Urban’s latest album, The Speed of Now Part 1.  Keep checking Country Music Lane for daily country music news and more Keith Urban updates.

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