Luke Bryan Got Daisy Dove A Present

Luke Bryan gave American Idol colleague Katy Perry a gift for her 8-month-old daughter. There’s one tiny problem, he doesn’t trust Katy Perry to give it to Daisy Dove.

During the April 7 episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Luke Bryan discussed how he gave his fellow American Idol judge a gift for her daughter, born August of last year. The new mom, Katy Perry, has notably received tons of gifts from her fellow stars, including a handmade gift from Taylor Swift, for her first child with Orlando Bloom.

But according to “The Rain Is a Good Thing” singer Luke Bryan, his gift would probably not make it into Daisy Dove’s hands.

Daisy Dove’s Mysterious Present From Luke Bryan

“It just seemed to be the right gift,” the country singer, who is raising five kids with his wife Caroline Boyer, remarked. Luke later added that “it will never see the light of day. Maybe under lock and key.” The country singer/songwriter got Daisy a BB gun.

Katy Perry has spoken out about the kind of gifts that her fellow American Idol judges, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan, got her sweet little girl in a February episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

“Lionel and Luke gave very Lionel and Luke gifts,” the “Roar” singer explained. “Lionel gave her a nice robe and then a bottle of champagne for mom and dad, and then Luke Bryan gave her a pink tractor and a Daisy BB gun. Look, us judges, we stay true to who we are.”

What Daisy Dove Means

Katy Perry also revealed how she and the actor of “The Hobbit” got the names they gave to their first child together.  “Daisy, to me, means pure, like, purity and Dove means peace and Bloom kind of feels like it means joy,” Perry explained. “So, it’s like very pure, peace and joy.”

As for Katy Perry, she’s loving every new day she gets to wake up as a parent, freely admitting that choosing to have Daisy is the best choice she’ll ever have.

It will certainly be interesting to see if Katy Perry allows Daisy Dove to ever have the gift she got from Luke Bryan.  But, kudos to him for creativity.  Keep checking Country Music Lane for more country music news and Luke Bryan updates.

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