Who Is Zac Brown’s Ex-wife, Shelly?

Who is Zac Brown’s wife Shelly?  The ex-wife of country music superstar Zac Brown, Shelly Brown, is one woman with an interesting and ambitious life. She met Zac Brown sometime in 2005 when he was still on the rise to stardom with the release of his band’s album.

The pair married in 2006 and their marriage lasted for 12years before they separated on the 5th of October, 2019. Their 12-year-old marriage was blessed with five kids- their four daughters 11-year-old Justice, 10-year-old Lucy, 8-year-old Georgia, 7-year-old Joni, with a 4-year-old son, Alexander.

In a 2019 interview on a show on the CBS network, Zac Brown revealed that the challenges in his marriage to Shelly were things he couldn’t foretell will happen after staying committed to marriage for that long. He realized that divorce was better to avoid marriage conflicts, adding that she remains the one for him and cherishes the five kids they share.

Their divorce served as inspiration for some of the songs on his solo album Controversy, as well his band’s 2019 album, The Owl. Zac revealed that music helped him to cope with the challenges of divorce.

Who Is Shelly Brown?

Shelly is a native of Georgia, just like her ex-husband, Zac. She developed an interest in jewelry and fashion at a tender age, when she started making jewelry pieces for her personal use and designed stylish prom dresses for her friends.

Her creative and designing skills set her up for a love for the arts, going to the Georgia State University to study Arts history. She would later change her mind and get a degree in Designing, in pursuit of her passion. She also developed an appreciation for jewelry designing and enrolled as an apprentice under a master jeweler to learn more about the craft.

Shelly revealed in an engrossing interview session on the “Better Half”, a show run by the country music club, Grand Ole Opry, that she met Zac during a New Year’s Eve event in 2005. At the time, Zac’s love interest didn’t make it to the occasion, so his friend introduced him to Shelly. She added that she had just graduated from University at a young age back then.

How Zac Brown And Shelly Met

Zac remembers the event, saying he knew Shelly was the one for him after they shared their first kiss to mark the New Year.

The couple went on to launch Camp Southern Ground, an initiative they had talked about on the first day they got to know each other. The initiative is basically for autistic kids who have a hard time getting friends who appreciate them for who they are and help kids with autism discover their unique gifts so they can make impacts in the world as a whole.

Shelly launched her self-titled jewelry brand in 2015 during the fall. Her jewelry brand has since folded up, but she keeps herself busy with her job as editor in chief of the southern culture tabloid, The Good Girl.

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