Brad Paisley Concert Raises Money For Honolulu Zoo

Brad Paisley and other country music singers are lending a hand to help zoos to be able to keep feeding and maintaining their animals in a healthy way amidst the economic crisis caused by the lockdown. They hosted an online zoo and aquarium philanthropic concert on March 31st.

Brad Paisley and “All Together For The Animals.”

The virtual concert “All Together for the Animals” one-time livestream concert will feature Brad Paisley and other artists such as Old Dominion, Riley Green, Ashley McBryde and other country music artists.

It’s been a hard year for people due to this pandemic. It has caused several lockdowns, loss of jobs and a source of income, but it’s also been hard for the animals in the zoos. The closures meant no traffic, meaning that the money to feed them and take care of them would be limited.

For that very reason, Brad Paisley, who is also performing at the virtual concert to benefit the animals of Detroit Zoo, is putting together a show to benefit the animals in Honolulu zoo and nationwide as well.

Some of the proceeds will go to the zoo, while the rest will go into taking care of the local critters and creatures of the wild.

Honolulu zoo takes care of about 900 animals everyday, and with the closure of the zoos, with little or no income coming in for many months, it’s getting hard to feed the animals.

Brad Paisley and other musicians are trying to help to make sure that the animals don’t suffer greatly due to the plunge in the economy of the zoos.

Brad And Wife Kimberly Williams-Paisley Save The Animals

Anyone who happens to be following Brad Paisley or his wife Kimberly Williams-Paisley on social media would know that these couple are not playing when it comes to animal protection. He’s also heading a donkey rescue operation where they umm… rescue donkeys?

With concerts halted by the pandemic, Brad Paisley once quipped that it’s amazing that he gets to be home with the animals on the farm, but I think it’s because he gets to make donkey jokes.

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  1. […] Brad Paisley’s wife Kimberly admitted that the fish surgery may be out of his skillset and a first time experience, but that he’s got a big heart for everything, “great and small.” He’s also useful on their farm outside Nashville, where they live with their boys Huck, 14, and Jasper. The couple also run a donkey rescue program, and Paisley gets to joke about them when he’s in the mood. […]

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