Country Musician Kinsey Rose Wows Audience and Makes History on “The Voice”

Country singer Kinsey Rose dueled with Team Kelly trio Girl Named Tom during the battle rounds on “The Voice” with a cover of The Eagles’ 1969 hit “Seven Bridges Road” on Monday, October 11.

Kinsey Rose Stands with Team Clarkson Regardless of Receiving Three Steals

Before they went on stage, Kelly Clarkson advised Girl Named Tom and Kinsey Rose, motivating them about the upcoming performance. The singers also received advice from country star Jason Aldean, who compared Rose to Lee Ann Womack and Alison Krauss and praised Girl Named Tom’s harmonies. “You have those family harmonies that sound amazing together,” said Aldean. “Kinsey is obviously a country singer. [She] has little cracks in her voice here and there.”

In turn, Rose praised Jason for inspiring her with his long and successful country music career, saying, “Country music is primarily what I sing. Jason has been doing this for a long time. He’s played for huge audiences, so you learn a lot from a guy like Jason.”

On stage, the four-piece performed the classic tune perfectly and their harmonies melded together, so much so that it impressed both the coaches and the audience.

“It was so good,” shouted Clarkson after their performance. “That’s Team Kelly.”

Stunned by their performance, Shelton gushed that the foursome should be “singing together all the time”, adding that Rose had the look of a country music icon.

“Kinsey, in terms of winning the show you’re definitely somebody I would think about if I was Kelly because you have so much character in your voice,” said Shelton. “And by the way, you look like Hank Williams Sr. up there. That’s a Hank Williams Sr. outfit.” He added, “And Girl Named Tom, together it was incredible but when you stepped out with that top note towards the end, your voice is so freakin’ powerful… They pay me to pick people, but I don’t care, I’ll take a pay cut. I’m not going to say who. It’s too good.”

Kelly replied that she had worked with all four of the artists to be able to come up with the amazing performance.

“It sounded like you could be a group altogether, all four of you,” added Grande, “but also so incredible individually as well.”

Left with the difficult decision of who to keep or cut, Kelly finally decided to go with Girl Named Tom, and named them the winners of the round.

Country Musician Kinsey Rose Wows Audience and Makes History on “The Voice”

Unwilling to let Rose go, she immediately used her save to keep Rose on her team, while Shelton and Legend hit their buttons to steal Rose, with Grande also deciding to get in on the action, making it a three-way steal. It made “The Voice” history as the very first time a singer got a three-way steal along with a save.

“I had to get in there,” said Grande. “Now this is good television,” Legend added.

As the first-ever receiver of a complete four-coach steal on “The Voice”, an overwhelmed Rose opted to stay in Kelly Clarkson’s team. “Kelly saved me twice,” she said.

“I’m really happy,” Clarkson happily said after getting Rose back on her team. “All the steals in the world couldn’t keep her from my grasp.”

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