For Ray Stevens, Nothing about the COVID-19 Vaccine is Political

I’m going to start this by enumerating Ray Stevens’ successful country music career moments, albeit briefly. The country singer, Harold Ray Ragsdale, known to the whole world as Ray Stevens, is better recognized for his Grammy-winning recordings “Everything is Beautiful” and “Misty”. He has been inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame, Georgia Music Hall of Fame and the Christian Music Hall of Fame. He has more gold records than I do, so that’s something.

Stevens doesn’t only fill your soul with beautiful heartfelt songs, he can make you happy with his hilarious jokes and weird impressions. Needless to say, if you know Ray Stevens, you probably know he’s a cool guy.

When it comes to his opinion on vaccines, agree or disagree, he makes a pretty convincing point.

Ray Stevens Urges People to Believe that “Vaccinations Do Work”

In an interview with PEOPLE, the “America, Communicate With Me” singer, 82, shared his candid opinion on vaccines, telling people that they do work.

The pandemic hasn’t been easy on him as he’s had to bear the fact that some of his friends died from the virus.

“My friends, a lot of them have had the vaccinations and are doing well,” he explained. “Some, however, have died from COVID-19. It’s sad to hear when someone else you knew well is gone. But that’s how it is. I’m not going to say who is right and who is wrong when it comes to the arguments taking place about vaccinations and masks, but it’s really something to deal with. I just hope and pray we come out of the tunnel on the right side of things.”

For Ray Stevens, Nothing about the COVID-19 Vaccine is Political

Ray Stevens is not one to preach things he doesn’t practice, as he further revealed that he’s gotten two doses of the vaccine, and you will find him in the line of people assembling to get their booster shot when it becomes available. Unlike many Americans, he doesn’t believe that vaccines have anything to do with politics.

“Why would anyone politicize getting the vaccine?” he said. “There ain’t nothing political about vaccines. It’s not political to me. I got up this morning and ate breakfast. Is that political?”

From the start of the global pandemic in early 2020, Stevens has always been outspoken about being cautious. In May 2020, the singer released a light-hearted song that advises people to be careful and follow CDC guidelines, titled “The Quarantine Song”.

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