Dolly Parton and Ted Lasso Are Twitter Pals

Fans Adored Country Legend Dolly Parton and Ted Lasso’s Exchange on Social MediaDolly Parton is a household name, and even Ted Lasso is a fan of the country singer.  The Ted Lasso celebrity fan club keeps growing, and in a recent tweet shared on the show’s official Twitter account which name-dropped the “Jolene” singer, Dolly Parton replied with a short sentence that left fans feeling better about the world.

Dolly Parton Sweet Reply to the Emmy Award-winning Show Draws Fans Love

When responding to a fan, the Ted Lasso Twitter account mentioned the 75-year-old singer and actress. Parton saw the tweet and commented: “You’re too sweet, @TedLasso! I heard you left some @AFCRichmond tickets at will call under my name?”

Fans jumped in on the exchange to show their admiration for it.

“In the midst of all that seeks to undo us, [Dolly Parton] and [Ted Lasso] having a twitter convo reminds us that it will be alright,” a fan wrote. Another fan also praised the exchange as the much needed love that’s seriously lacking on Twitter: “Most of the time, Twitter is a vast wasteland of, well, waste. But every once in a while, you trip over some real gold, like [Dolly Parton] and [Ted Lasso] chatting it up. That’s why we keep coming back and panning for more.”

Since it aired last year, Ted Lasso has been a huge hit for AppleTV+. The second season had started streaming with the season finale to drop next week. Ted Lasso is a very successful sports comedy-drama show and has lately won four Primetime Emmy awards. Jason Sudeikis plays the titular character and he almost always mentions a few big names in nearly every episode, which has led to a lot of stars showing their appreciation for the show.

Jason Sudeikis on What Makes Ted Lasso Appealing to a Lot of People

In a recent interview with Parade, Sudeikis talked about why the show is appealing. “I think because human beings are a lot more similar than sometimes we’re made to feel,” he said. “And even when you’re in your own water, you can sometimes feel like you don’t belong there. It speaks to the learning we all have to do, even within our own home, office, family or team.”

He further explained how and why he got involved in the series. “When NBC Sports approached me to do a promo and they had like four or five ideas, this was the one I thought of immediately, just because playing Ted was a version of folks back home,” Sudeikis said. “Again, maybe me after a couple of Jack Daniel’s with just the accent coming out.”

“But then I knew exactly which two pals to ask if they would help, Brendan [Hunt] and Joe [Kelly], and that’s because I knew nothing about soccer. Joe knows a good deal about soccer and a good deal about American football, and sports in general. And Brendan knows a great deal about soccer and football, and is very similar to his character Coach Beard, a walking internet about those things. He fell in love with the sport.”

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  2. Linda Lou Boehl says

    Dolly is my very fav…best shes my idol, hero, shes a ANGEL on earth i have been to 3 concerts shes just GREATEST of all to me so talented & Beautiful, No 1 can ever take her place to me………..Love U Dolly FOREVER MORE AMEN XOXOX

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