Carrie Underwood Las Vegas Residency Clues

Carrie Underwood thrilled her Instagram fans by promising a special announcement this month. And Underwood’s social media followers think there’s a clue in the fact that Celine Dion just posted a similar announcement to her own Instagram.

Discover everything we know, including the possibility that it’s a Las Vegas residency for both singers, below.

Carrie Underwood Set for Las Vegas Country Music Gig? Instagram Thinks Yes!

Carrie Underwood sure knows how to make her Instagram fans hopeful. The country music songstress shared a post promising a major revelation… and the guessing game immediately began.

“I’m all aflutter with something exciting coming April 21!” Carrie wrote for her caption below an image of Underwood holding a butterfly.

While some of Carrie’s Instagram fans thought it might be a perfume announcement, others were hoping for a Las Vegas residency. The reason is linked to another singer.

Carrie Underwood and Celine Dion Promise Announcement On Same Day!

Carrie Underwood + Celine Dion = Las Vegas Residency? That’s exactly what some of Carrie’s fans calculated when they discovered that Underwood and Celine Dion had posted parallel promises of an April 21 announcement.

“A little teaser for a fabulous reveal on April 21. Stay tuned!” wrote Celine for her caption.

In contrast to Carrie’s simple butterfly, though, Dion posted a glittering video that featured an enormous pinball machine.

Carrie Underwood Teaming Up With Celine Dion for Las Vegas Gigs? Here Are Some More Clues

In addition to their Instagram posts, Carrie Underwood and Celine Dion are featured in published rumors that the two singers will star in a Las Vegas residency. Their starring roles would reportedly be part of a rotating lineup of singers including Katy Perry and Luke Bryan.

The reports claim that Carrie and Celine will both delight their fans as part of Resorts World Las Vegas residency superstars at The Theatre at Resorts World. The Theatre at Resorts World holds 5,000 audience members.

Although Underwood surprised her fans with her announcement linked to Las Vegas, Dion has maintained a Las Vegas residence since she starred in a headline role from 2002 through 2019 at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace.

In addition, Celine decided to build a new estate in the prestigious Summit development in Northwest Las Vegas. Those residences are seen as supporting her plan to appear on stage again.

However, for Carrie, a Las Vegas residency would be a new experience. Even though Underwood is highly popular as a country music touring artist, such as her May 2019 appearance at MGM Grand Garden, she has never achieved a residency in Las Vegas. That makes the possibility even more exciting!

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