Elle King Says that Performing with Miranda Lambert is Better than Performing Alone

Multi-instrumentalist Elle King may have recorded, toured and performed songs with Miranda Lambert, yet she can’t get enough of her country superstar friend and collaborator.

Elle King opened up about being in awe of the fact that she is friends with and has performed with Miranda Lambert. It’s not far-fetched that anybody should be in awe of Miranda Lambert, who, apart from her many Grammy Awards and Country Music Association Awards, holds the most Academy of Country Music Awards than any other artist in history.

Elle King Jokes She’ll Name Her Unborn Baby After Pal Miranda Lambert

In King’s latest interview, she couldn’t keep herself from gushing about fellow singer/songwriter Miranda Lambert and how amazing it feels to record and then perform a song with her.

“She’s always extended an invitation to come out to her farm and write with her, so that’s definitely something I would love to do one day. She’s so cool,” King recalled during an interview on Taste of Country Nights. “I’m still in awe of the fact that I’m friends with her and she sang on one of my songs.”

The two superstars and pals recorded the hit song, “Drunk (And I Don’t Wanna Go Home)” was released on 26th February. The song came to be when they were on the road for Lambert’s all-female Roadside Bars and Pink Guitars Tour in 2019. King and Lambert opened the 2021 ACM Awards show with a performance of their collaborative single, and King has been performing it since, though she admits that it’s not nearly the same.

“So lonely! And also, I’m very pregnant, so when Miranda sings it live, she’s taking half the burden. It’s a very hard song to sing, especially by yourself,” the singer admits. “So it’s, like, sticking the knife in deeper when Miranda is not around. She just makes everything more fun. I’d always rather do something with Miranda than by myself.”

As for the name she’s choosing for her unborn baby, she reveals that she’s keeping her pal’s name in her mind. “Boy or girl, I’m definitely gonna name it Miranda,” she jokingly said.
Joking apart, King revealed that she doesn’t have a name picked for the baby yet, because she wants to meet him/her first before deciding on what “the little person” should be called.

Elle King Reveals that She is behind Her Nursery Preparation

Elle King, who is 7 months pregnant, says that she and her partner, tattoo artist Dan Tooker, have decided not to learn the gender of the baby she’s carrying until she gives birth, though she admits its kind of frustrating not to know what sex she’s expecting. “It’s not fun! But I ask my partner every single day, ‘Babe, what do you think we’re having?'” she added with a laugh.

“I think I’m having a boy, but I don’t know. [Tooker] thinks so too,” she continued. “I think we only say boy because everyone else and their mother says [it’s going to be a] girl.”

Elle King Says that Performing with Miranda Lambert is Better than Performing Alone

Apart from not knowing which name their unborn baby will be bearing or its gender, King also said that she and Tooker are falling behind on their timetable for getting the baby’s nursery done on time.

“I bought a chair online and my ass is too big for it. So I’m gonna have to redo that one. But yeah, we so far have a rug. We’re very behind,” she admitted.

But she could ask for help from her friend Miranda Lambert, as she seems to be rather gifted in picking out the perfect gift for new mothers.

“So I’ll have to remind her that I’m pregnant. No, just kidding,” King joked.
“She knows I’m pregnant,” she quickly added with a laugh. “But she’s an amazing gift-giver.”

And we believe King for calling Lambert an amazing gift-giver, I mean, did you see the beautiful matching denim jackets embellished with the mom and baby names she got Maren Morris and Hayes in 2020?

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