Jana Kramer’s Marriage ‘Was Killing Her’

Jana Kramer had no intention of quitting her marriage to Mike Caussin, but her friends noticed that she could not continue in it for the rest of her life.

Who is Jana Kramer

Jana Rae Kramer is an American Country Music Singer and Actress born on December 2, 1983. She came into the acting limelight for her role as Alex Dupre on the television series One Tree Hill.

Jana Kramer began her musical career nine years ago. Since then, she has released two albums: Jana Kramer (2012) and Thirty One (2015). The albums produced seven charted singles on Hot Country Songs and Country Airplay, including the top 10 hits “Why Ya Wanna” and “I Got the Boy”. She once took part as a contestant on season 23 of Dancing with the Stars. Sadly, she finished in the fourth position.

Jana Kramer’s Husbands

Jana had her first marriage to Micheal Gambino in 2004, but unfortunately, the union broke off. In 2010, she took yet another leap in marriage, but this time, with Johnathon Schaech. Sadly, for the second time, the couple divorced after a year. And for the third time, in 2015, Jana tied the knot with Mike Caussin.

The couple managed to stay put in the marriage for over five years, despite the rumored disharmony that lingered during the union. However, Jana Kramer’s friends could see that she was quite unhappy in the marriage, a source revealed. In the source’s statement, “Jana Kramer went over and beyond to salvage this marriage. But her friends could see it was killing her. On reflection, it was the right thing to do. They could no longer iron out their differences, and there were trust issues, given the continual acts of infidelity. But her desire to keep the family unit together clouded her judgment. One of the reasons why she stayed so long was because she wanted to keep the family together.”

The source also claimed that Jana was scared of what life would be like on her own without him. However, life with him was not any better. Jana had not entirely forgiven Mike for the mistakes he committed while he was married to her.

Jana Kramer & Mike Caussin Divorce

Besides, it is not to say that she should have forgiven him, but rather, why would she stay in a marriage knowing that she still had painful memories because of him. That would explain why they continued to fight, which led to the infamous photo of Jana crying publicly on social media.

The source continued that whenever something triggered Mike’s past indiscretions, the couple would fight, and Jana would have no choice but to wind up in tears. Ultimately, the emotional stress took a toll on the young lady, and unfortunately, Jana Kramer is a singer by profession and a very expressive person. So, when it comes to the prospect of her singing deep emotional songs, at a time when her own life was going through mass turbulence, it was always going to be impossible.

Jana Kramer had turned up to work with a straight face as she worked with her husband on their podcast together. But, it all reached a point where Jana had to be truthful to herself because she was wrestling with so many emotions.

At home, they hated each other’s guts, but on the outside, even more, on social media, they had this beautiful life and beautiful home in Nashville because they were a happy couple. Sadly, it was all a lie!

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