Reba McEntire Turns 66 Years Old

Reba McEntire, country singer and actress, celebrated her birthday amidst the cheers from her friends, she’s not getting older, she’s simply getting wiser and better.

The Queen of Country music celebrated her birthday over the weekend with well-wishes from some very famous and high profile friends.

Reba McEntire Celebrates 66th Birthday With Friends

The country music icon, who has 29 albums in her platinum belt, was treated to a lot of beautiful messages by her fans, and especially by some big names in country music. She got a plethora of messages from fellow famous faces like Kristin Chenoweth and Dolly Parton, who shared their well-wishes on their Instagram page.

Parton shared a throwback photo of herself and the birthday girl dressed up and smiling widely to mark the occasion. She captioned the post, “A true musician. A true friend. Happy Birthday, @reba.”

Chenoweth – who collaborated with both McEntire and Parton, 75, on her 2019 album For the Girls – shared a sweet photo of herself and McEntire happily sharing a hug.

“It’s international @Reba Day!! Happy Birthday to YOU, my Reebs!” Chenoweth, 52, wrote in the post. “I couldn’t love you more.”

She also got other heartfelt messages from other people she’s collaborated with.   McEntire’s Young Sheldon costar Annie Potts and former Reba costar (and Living and Learning podcast co-host) Melissa Peterman also shared their lovely messages in honor of the You Never Gave Up On Me singer.

“Happy birthday dear friend! I hope your day is as wonderful as you are! XO Annie,” Potts wrote, alongside a picture of the duo singing a karaoke together in character on the CBS sitcom. She also added that she really wishes her fans would do her a favor and wish her good friend happy day in the comments. PS, her fans complied.

Annie Potts, Melissa Peterman, And Dolly Parton Send Happy Brithday Messages

Peterman shared a couple images of the famous McEntire, along with a couple of words that channeled the lyrics from The Golden Girls’ theme song, thanking her “being a good friend.”

“You would see the biggest gift might not be from me, bigger doesn’t always mean better. It might be medium sized or small (if it’s a necklace or something) BUT the card attached WOULD say Thank You For Being A Good Friend,” she playfully wrote, “And then I would sign it Melissa Peterman so you would know it’s from me … and not Brett or Marne or some else at the party … I mean, it’s a huge party. You invited everyone you knew.”

It’s safe to say that her 66th year won’t be as much as “a booger bear of a year” as her 65th year seemed. Her career is always going strong and she’s currently in the midst of a growing relationship with boyfriend Rex Linn. The only thing she could possibly do better is to invite me to her next birthday party.

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