Who Is Toby Keith’s Wife Tricia Lucus?

Who is Toby Keith’s wife?  Toby Keith Covel, is one of America’s well-known singers and songwriters, with many of his songs going on to become monster hits. One of his songs, “Should’ve Been A Cowboy”, was the most played country song in 1990. The 59-year-old country music icon is happily married to his wife of more than three decades, 58-year-old Tricia Lucus.

Tricia Lucus first caught the eye of Toby Keith in 1981 at an Oklahoma nightclub. At the time, Keith was a 20-year-old boy while Tricia was just a year younger, at 19 years of age. They dated for three years before trying the matrimonial knot on the 24th of March, 1984.

How The Relationship Blossomed Into Marriage

Toby Keith and wife Tricia’s marriage is blessed with three kids- their two daughters Shelly Rowland Keith, who was born in 1980 and adopted by Keith in 1984, and Krystal LaDawn Covel, who was born on the 30th of September, 1985. Krystal has followed in her father’s footsteps by going into the music industry and is currently signed to the record label, Show-Dog Universal. Their last born is Stelen Keith Covel, who was born in 1997.

In an interview with the People publication in 2001, Tricia recalls that the first thing that attracted her to Keith was his aura of confidence. Keith said that he will never forget that night in 1981 when he first met Tricia, as after dancing with her he knew that she was the one for him.

Toby Keith: Married Life And A Foray Into Country Music

In the early days of their young marriage, the couple was not doing well in the financial aspect as Keith was making just $50,000 annually from his dangerous job in the oil fields. He did this while making little forays into country music. When the oil industry took a major hit financially, Keith decided to go headlong into a career in the country music genre full-time.

Toby Keith revealed in an interview with a Country music blog that Tricia received pressure from loved ones to tell him to find another job instead of going into music. Tricia collaborated with her husband’s statement but decided to be patient as she felt he had the talent to become a success.

Her patience paid off as Keith’s first album in 1993 was a big hit across the United States. The RCA certified the album platinum, which was the stepping stone to Keith presently amassing a fortune of over $500 million from his country music career.

While he is proud of his successful career in country music, the icon is more proud of his achievements in his family life. Keith who is now a grandfather to four kids is grateful for having Tricia in his life, which has seen them go on to be blissfully married for 37 years.

Toby Keith added that though he enjoys the life of going on music tours and recording songs in the studio, his most cherished moments have always been at home, with Tricia and their three children.

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